An Atmosphere of His Presence

Eagles Nest Children’s Ministry

The future of the world can be seen in the eyes of our children. Have we prepared our children to stand up for what they believe in? Have we prepared them to be leaders in for the next generation? We know these are loaded questions, but we have to think about them. In the Eagles Nest, we have a planned curriculum to make your children incredible leaders and individual thinkers. Our goal is to make them influential, positive members of society who are able to communicate effectively to cause change in the world. Along with leadership training, we teach them all the practical Bible stories and we make everything fun and interactive! By the end of the service, your children may not want to go home! We not only provide childcare during Sunday service, but we provide them with snacks and they are constantly being watched over by many able chaperones.

Eagles Nest is available on Sunday Mornings at 10am