An Atmosphere of His Presence

Fire Power Youth Movement

Fire Power Youth Movement(FPYM) is a youth group that is fueled by passion and vision. Our youth group enables teens to develop a healthy, balanced life that would result in them being World Changers and leaders in today’s society. We help to guide each team through dynamic teachings, hardcore discussion sessions, and intense workshops/events to find their identities in God. In that, they find out who they are and what they are capable of and they become agents of change in every aspect of their lives. Our goal is not to allow the youth of to assimilate to each other or follow what is trending and so forth, but to make themstand out, unleash all their potential, serve the world with their gift, and to become the leaders they were destined to be.

Our Vision: To develop and produce successful kingdom minded young leaders who are filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding walk in the spirit of discipline and worship and who display a burning passion to operate via the power of the Holy Spirit to globally impact and influence this generation and generations to come.

Our Mission: “Developing young leaders to change the world!”